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SSH Keys and Subversion on OS X

J Luster recently wrote about Gentoo’s keychain and I’ve been using it more in conjunction with Subversion. I’m trying SSHKeyChain, a nice, GUI-based Mac OS X solution.

I also found the SSH with Keys HOWTO useful.

For Subversion, you’ll want Martin Ott’s Subversion pkg, and you can watch his blog for updates on that as well as SubEthaEdit (he’s one of the three “Coding Monkeys”).

I tried to find a Mac OS X binary of RapidSVN, a visual SVN tool – compiling with the various dependencies looks like a big job. svnx is another visual tool, which is why I started fiddling with SSH keys in the first place.

(I linked to Bill Bumgarner’s page earlier, but didn’t say much; Subversion is good, me like.)