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Blogging Tools Suck

What really sucks is the integration between TypePad (or any other hosted blogging platform) and the other services that bloggers need. Here is a list of things I'd like to be tightly integrated with my blogging platform whether its Typepad or anything else.

Google AdSense (or some other advertising service)
Google WebSearch (or some other site search/web search service)
Bloglet (or some other email subscription service)
Technorati (or some other service to see who is linking to my blog)
SiteMeter (or some other service that tells me how many visitors and page views I get)
Feedburner (or some other service that tells me who is reading my feed)

A VC: Blogging Tools Suck

Well, Blogware does do everything on the list except for advertising. Part of the issue is that we are very much still dealing with first-generation type applications. We'll eventually see consolidation in these areas, as the best-of-breed add-ons get bought by hosted blogging platform providers (witness the purchase of Blogrolling by Blogware).