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John Gruber: I am trying to write the **** out of this stuff

But I need to impress upon you just how serious I am about this, and I see no other way to do so than to step out from behind the curtain just this once to address you directly, author to reader, with nothing but 100 percent honesty.

No stagecraft. No artifice. Just me, your humble author, hat in hand, heart in throat, asking for your support.

Daring Fireball: Something Daring

Wow. I think I say that every time I read a piece by John Gruber at his Daring Fireball weblog. He writes eloquent, well-thought out pieces talking about the Mac, software development, web design, and other technology issues

And I'm saying wow again after reading this request for…well, funding, I guess. Do we, his readership, want to support Gruber? Have we enjoyed/benefited from his writing in the past? Do we want to continue to see the same high quality writing?

Update: I went ahead and got the t-shirt, and used esellerate. I mean, Gruber did post a picture of his kid after all…

For me, I think the answer is yes. I'm off to pay 2 kilopennies* for a year's worth of Daring Fireball.

*2 kilopennies == $20.48US. Gotta love that. Nice work, John. Another John that I think I'd pay to read is John Siracusa, he of of ArsTechnica Mac OS X review fame.