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Jeffrey Veen on Feedburner and Ping-O-Matic

[It] was a relief to me that a couple more pieces of Web infrastructure moved into the "somebody else can worry" realm. The first is feeds. I spent a few years with the W3C working on HTML and CSS specifications, so I'll likely never bother to read another rant about which idea is more brilliant than the other when it comes to the minutia of standards making. RSS and Atom in particular fit squarely into that category these days. Goodbye to all of that. Rather than fret over the various feed templates on my site, I can now just point to Feedburner. They bravely content negotiate for all known aggregators and spit out the Right Thing. And lots of other stuff. Go look. They're cool. Jeffrey Veen: Leave the Hard Stuff to Someone Else

I had a hard time figuring out what to quote from this article, which is usually a good sign: go read the whole thing. I've been experimenting with Feedburner myself, and it has some very interesting features. It exists mainly because our current tools are bad, or perhaps the integration of tools is bad. Item-level statistics are great, but shouldn't this just be built into your publishing platform?