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Canadians don't know nuthin' about VoIP, Willis

In what has to be a true communications issue, only 23 percent of Canadiens admit to knowing about VoIP according to a newly released survey.VoIP Watch (Andy Abramson): 67% of Canadiens Don't Know About VoIP

This is absolutely a marketing issue. Telus and Bell are dragging their heels, because they know that they are going to have to push it to make it succeed, and they are not yet feeling the heat from Primus or Vonage.

What's the lesson? There is an opening here for consultants to teach small businesses about VoIP solutions. A Google search for voip consulting canada is not encouraging…I'm the #3 hit and the other listings in the top 10 aren't consultants at all!

We've got two remote team members, one in Ontario and one in South Africa. Are we going to communicate using regular phone lines? No way! We already regularly use IRC and IM to communicate. We've got iChat for voice. If we do get a phone system, we'll be choosing something like Packet8's Virtual Office, which allows all of us to appear as local extensions, even though we're all over the world.