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Atom will create the two-way web

So, this means that the smart money is going to go into the feed space. Because that’s where the action is. Forget AdSense. I need contextual ads built right into my feed. Forget Typepad links, I need the links built right into my feed. Same with comments. And the feed needs to be two way. Atom has that capability I am told. So let me comment right in the feed. That’s a hell of lot better than Trackback. It's the Feed, Stupid: A VC

RSS, comments, and Trackback (plus tools like Technorati) have gone a certain way into giving us a better picture of our neighbours in cyberspace, and the ability to interact more directly.

Atom, being one spec for both reading and writing to weblogs, definitely is a good candidate for the next, full round-trip model of the two way web.