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Steve Gillmor on Gates, RSS, Customer-driven Lock-In

This is an important article to read:

You don't have information you don't care about. RSS is the Tivo of the Web, filtering the information deluge through real-time metadata about your location, awareness, interests and events—stripping out the noise, improving the signal, saving time. It's WYDSIWYG: What You Don't See Is What You Get. eWeek, Steve Gillmor: Gates Paying Attention to RSS

Steve talks about how we as customers, or as power users in any case, are constantly looking for the easiest way to do things, using tools that save us time and makes us more efficient. RSS is one such tool, and Steve also describes his back and forth use of a Mac PowerBook and an HP Tablet PC. He loves his Mac, but is increasingly finding that the Tablet PC, even with the headaches of Windows, is saving him time.