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Goodbye Calltrex

Despite all of these challenges, CallTrex had a unique value to offer the marketplace, with an innovative system for connecting our customers to their remote staff and allowing that remote staff to provide a great service to our customer's callers. It is sad to see it go. As we have notified our customers that the service will be turned off, we have received some terrific praise on how great our service was. Ted Shelton: More time to blog...

I had a post all queued up to say some complimentary things about Calltrex, especially some of the things they had coming down the pipe. Their shutdown came as a bit of a shock (I was testing the service). Ted, I still have people asking me about the advanced voicemail option!

I want to wish Ted Shelton good luck on further ventures. For now, have fun with the kid.

(P.S. The new Blogger template looks good. And here I was getting ready to try and switch you over to Blogware!)