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Do not buy an InexQ Wireless Router

Unless, of course, you want a lot of grief.

The problems come down to this:

  • the firewall blocks legitimate outgoing connections (like to my IMAP server); having to turn the firewall off is not a nice option, but it's your only choice
  • the submit page for setting the address of a DMZ machine is broken, meaning you have to port forward a bunch of things manually
  • the range/power of the 802.11g wireless is pathetic -- I didn't even get full bars a scant few feet away
  • for some reason, even though I manually port-forwarded web connections to my home server, I could not connect to any domains hosted there from behind the router; external connections worked fine
  • for the absolute crowning glory of all these problems, the InexQ website is inexplicably VBScript powered; I had hoped that firmware upgrades might solve some of these problems, but I can't even download them because you have to be running IE on Windows for that section of the website to even function; luckily, a friend with this combination went to the web page, clicked on the download link, and promptly received 404 errors.

I should have been warned by the fact that a search for InexQ returns InexQ crap as the second hit.

I think everyone can safely stay away from all InexQ products. Forever.