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MT vs. EE for a Corporate Weblogs Farm

I'm in the process of evaluating several weblog solutions for building a corporate weblogs farm. In other words, I'm looking for a solution that would allow a company, with a simple (if not single) software installment on its existing web platform, to host any number of internal and/or external weblogs.

I ended up comparing Six Apart's Movable Type 3 and pMachine's ExpressionEngine 1.0. The following is not a full fledged comparison of both products, but I thought it might be of interest for other people as I came out with some interesting differences that might help someone else make their mind about them. Movable Type vs. ExpressionEngine — A comparison

A good overview of MT vs. EE, in this case for their usefulness in a corporate setting. pMachine was my first true weblog system. I had been using phpWebSite for my tech news, but found that I was posting more often (almost exclusively) to this little pMachine-driven section. I also remember talking to Rick Ellis about a pMachine hosting platform, but he was in the midst of setting up his company and planning for EE. The rest of the story is well-known — I use Drupal and think it's a great platform, and it works great for corporate needs.