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TalkBroadband vs. Telus

Troy, even though he's new at this blogging thing, has posted a great pros and cons review of his new Primus TalkBroadband service versus his previous Telus service.

It's very realistic and points out some of the failings of Primus' system, but in the end he states this:

So my phone quality is good to non-existent and my message waiting [indicator] on my phone doesn't work, but I'm going to save another $600/year on long-distance and can have 5-way calling (which I'll only use once per month or so.) Was it a fair trade? Probably not. But I'm not going back. I'm going to keep going forward because I'm sure they'll work it out. Troy Angrignon: Technology Review: Comparing Primus VoIP vs. Telus Analog line