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New bloggers on the block

I wanted to point out two colleagues of mine that recently started blogging. Actually, they started today, with a little help from the company I work for, Streamline Web Co.

So, say hello to Stewart Marshall and Troy Angrignon. We hooked both of them up with personal Blogware blogs (you can have your own free 30-day trial). Read on for a little more about these two.

I met Stewart (in person) at the Vancouver portion of the Canadian Ecademy Roadshow. By the time myself and Roland had met with Stewart a second time, we had him drinking the blogging Kool-Aid. He's heading back to England for now, but he and his wife Jessica are going to be back as permanent Vancouver-area residents (it looks like North Vancouver is the first choice right now).

Next up is Troy. Now I can stop having my inbox clogged up with cool links and ideas and just go read about them on his blog instead. His first post is entitled Big Questions, Long Views, and the Intersection of Technology and Society and serves as an intro to the kind of things Troy will be writing about. I actually think that that title would actually make a good tagline for his blog.

Here's the last paragraph from his post:

Finally! I now have somewhere to put all of my random thoughts in order to cross-link some more synaptic connections. That's one of the great joys of reflection and writing. I wish I could remember the author who said, "I do not write what I know, I write so that I may know myself." That was very wise. That is also a goal of this blog. Thanks for reading. (Hello? Hello?)

Now go leave Stewart and Troy a comment.