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Sprint Canada's bad web presence

Go to Sprint Canada's Enterprise site using Safari on OS X. You should be greeted by a lovely message that says:

Sorry, we are currently not supporting Netscape 6 at this time. Please use Netscape 4.x or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x/5.x .

Luckily (?), Firefox gets through just fine. The question mark is why I would want to keep dealing with Sprintā€¦

There is no excuse today for designing a public website (not a web application, just your basic corporate website) that doesn't automatically work with all browsers.

The rest of the site is equally bad. I'm not going to decompose it completely, but just mention that typing "order T1" into the search box generatesā€¦zero results. I'm self-selecting as a customer that wants to order a service from Sprint -- and they have no results for me.