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Free ENUM efforts

  • Created: May 04, 2004
  • VoIP

Matthew Asham from BCWireless and Duane Groth from Sydney Wireless have coded up, one of (if not) the first public ENUM DNS spaces for use by the public at large.

The system provides DNS glue between POTS numbers and VoIP systems on the Internet. It provides either 100 "free" numbers out of the unused 822 country range, or ''verified'' mapping for real telephone numbers. mattw.fn_blog(): Asterisk, POTS and VOIP. Oh my...

Looks like ENUM is the hot new acronym in the VoIP space. It could very well become the DNS of the voice calling world (well, that's what it's designed to be -- mapping "real" phone numbers to IP endpoints). Tough to say whether this is something that will only live in the free networks/kill the telco world or whether it will have larger application.

Unsurprisingly, the ITU has a long statement about how concepts like ENUM and related applications like the .tel TLD are in need of lots of regulation.