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Alec Saunders leaves Versatel, starts Iotum

Alec Saunders wrote the following on March 26, 2004 (I know, I'm playing catchup):

Six months ago I sat Bob Mimeault of Versatel Networks down in a restaurant and told him that I was working on a startup. Bob was terrific.  He told me that he still needed me, but also committed to help me get my company started. Today was my last day as Versatel's marketing VP. Tomorrow is my first day full time as the CEO of Iotum Corporation, a VoIP startup. Alec Saunders .LOG: Taking a deep breath

Alec joined my LinkedIn network quite some time back while I was still in Ottawa, but I was in the midst of getting myself moved back out to Vancouver and never had a chance to meet him in person. Is this where Iotum will live? I'm keeping my eye out...