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Near-Time Flow

Near-Time Flow looks like a pretty incredible product. It's part RSS reader, part knowledge management, and part collaboration tool. I definitely want a copy of this.

Imagine something like a wiki: an information system that simply accepts text and stores it away in a simple hierarchy. Now imagine it accepting that text from just about any source and (here’s where it gets fun) imagine it remembering that source. Say you’re doing web research on "rubber ducks." As you browse the web, you highlight paragraphs from interesting pages and drop them into Flow. Gradually you build your research into a local Flow document. You can annotate that document, adding your own notes. And, if you need more details, you can click on any of the original text and Flow will pop you over to the original web page. The linking works with files, images, whatever (we worked hard on Stu to get him to support e-mail too, but there are some issues with to contend with).PragDave: Drop Target for my Brain

It reminds me a bit of the Windows- and IE-only OnFolio, only…better, and for OS X (I think that should be the tagline for most OS X products).

The FAQ says it can output in "weblog format", including RSS. Mainly, I would hope that it fully supports the Meta Weblog API, then I can continue using any existing blog tool. Somehow, I suspect this is too much to hope for.

I've signed up for early access, as it isn't actually available yet.