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Less blogging, more personal publishing

And here's where I come back to the word "blog" and why I want to kill it off. Because it's so ingrained now as meaning writing and linking, it doesn't express the full variety of things that are beginning to be produced and created on the Web by 'amateurs'. The phrase "personal publishing" does a better job of describing this new range of multimedia production.Read/Write Web: Kill Blog

The piece starts off with Hands up who wants to get rid of the word "blog"?: pick me, pick me! I wrote about why I hate the term blog before, and I still think it's a bad word. Or rather, that it's bad to label so narrowly.

But personal publishing is a compromise, too. Businesses are doing it, too, and without highly complex CMS systems. But putting-stuff-on-the-web-easily is probably too complicated a term… :p