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FASTMOBILE - Another 'Better than Skype' Application

  • Created: April 04, 2004
  • VoIP
  • IM

FastChat is really carrier and platform independent voice communications. And, if someone is not using FastChat, a voice message link can be sent to either AIM or MSN’s instant messaging clients from either the phone or PC, with Pocket PC soon to follow. And, one better is the ability to send an FastChat message by email to those who are not as connected.

This is truly Voice over IP over GSM, but as FastMobile deploys wider, CDMA can’t be that far behind, putting them smack in the middle of the Voice messaging market.

VoIP Watch: Move Over SKYPE here's FASTMOBILE

Now if only they had a Mac OS X client, and supported messages to other IM networks as well.

Am I trying to post lots of anti-Skype posts? Well, sort of. They definitely have momentum, and I'm trying to put on the brakes: Skype is far from the open communications platform that I want to see as the future. Less proprietary, more open APIs!