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Vonage now live in Canada

The press release isn't up yet, but it looks like Vonage is now in Canada! They don't have a comprehensive listing of area codes, but it looks like every province except for Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland have at least one area code.

Read on for pricing levels (higher base price than Primus), and features. It has a ton of features, but the price seems high. Of course, after I add voicemail, a second number, and pay for long distance to Primus, Vonage is cheaper with much better features (especially since I don't call outside North America).

There are three pricing levels:

  • Basic 500: $19.99, includes 500 minutes anywhere in the US and Canada.
  • Province Unlimited:$34.99 for unlimited calls inside the province.
  • Unlimited: $45.99 for unlimited calls anywhere in the US and Canada.

Pretty much all the features are included in the basic price, except for "virtual phone numbers" (Vonage's name for additional area codes). They are $7.99 per month, and you can choose from Canadian or US area codes.

Two quick features -- Simul-Ring will ring two numbers at the same time (like your Vonage number and your cell phone) and you can pick up either one.

Voicemail has full phone, online, and by email support, including receiving your voicemail as an email attachment. Yes!

I'd love to hear people's experience in the forums.