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Welcome to the new B. Mann Consulting

  • Created: March 30, 2004
  • BMC

It may seem to those that are following along at home that I haven’t updated recently. Actually, posting to this “front page” will actually be less frequent, and will be reserved for longer stories.

Read on for full details on the new site.

The main news is that I’ve completely split off my personal content into a completely new site. All the personal content is still on this site, but will eventually get exported.

The blog on this site is going to become, essentially, my link blog – short pointers and comments that aren’t quite long enough for the front page. You can subscribe to the blog separately, using this link, as opposed to the front page feed.

I will also be making it more clear how to only get feeds for certain categories – like VoIP, Personal Publishing, etc.

There are many new features that I am adding, thanks to the newest version of Drupal. One of the big ones is subscriptions – if you have an account, you can ask to be notified by email whenever a particular post has comments added to it. You can optionally edit your user account to be notified by default once you have commented on a post.

Any questions, comments, or feedback, leave them on this post or in the site feedback forum.