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Peer 1 subsidizes bandwidth and colocation for approved VoIP startups

Peer 1’s world-class Internet network is complemented by’s knowledge of the industry. Together, the companies can provide a launching pad for VOIP entrepreneurs with the vision, but not necessarily the financial backing, to take VOIP to the masses.

“The world is embracing VOIP,” says Jeff Pulver, Founder of, “and we are at the forefront of that movement. By identifying and nurturing some key start-ups, we aim to revolutionize the way the world communicates.”

Peer 1: Emerging VOIP companies to get financial assistance from industry veterans

Now imagine a couple of Linux boxes, a couple of T1 lines, and..boom! telephone company. Oh yes – it would be great to get some agreements in place with overseas network providers.

(via Peer 1 Blog)