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Lost Boy: Scattered Self

Currently I'm using AllConsuming for books, for bookmarks and Morten's FOAF hosting to grab my wishlist from Amazon.

As these services allow me to take away my augmented data in an easily processable format (XML/RDF) it means that as a hacker I can do Cool Things. But, more importantly, as an end user I don't have to worry about the pointy brackets: I key in some data and as well as an enriching my online experience, it also gives me a URL, a RESTful access point to my data, at which I can point other services. This is the Unix pipe metaphor extended to the web: small specialized services that can be plumbed together to create interesting applications.

Lost Boy: Scattered Self

Read the whole article. Some good usability comments, and at the end a"series of recommendations for building user-centric services".