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Roland's big move

Roland is making a big move. Switching blogging platforms (Radio to Movable Type), switching hosting platforms (Windows to Linux), then moving his host to a co-lo. Wow!

This is a Big Job™. Good luck with everything, Roland.

We've talked about this (briefly) before...any reason that you settled on MovableType other than that you are an old Perl hacker? This is a big move, and something you likely only want to do once.

WordPress is still my current choice for best personal publishing system. You know what my choice would be if it wasn't a personal site (although it can be good for that, too). :p

Also, your choice of a Linux distro will likely cause holy wars, but that would also be an interesting topic. If you want easy server-type stuff through a web interface, I'm still pushing E-smith and have written a bunch of tutorials on how to setup e-smith.

Did I ever tell you that I push and push and push in my role of Devil's Advocate? I know it can be annoying, but it's because I truly want to understand the choices people make, to see if I should re-evaluate my own.

Note: this almost got posted to my links blog instead of here. The insidious ease of one-click bookmarklet blogging is what (almost) made me do it. Note to self: kick-start bookmarklet development for Drupal again.