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The R's Have It

R as in Flickr services, that is. Erik Benson lays out his vision for Talkr, which in a nutshell is distributed identity using Flickr to manage/track/surf posts you make anywhere.

Example use cases:

Seems like a lot of work, but if you think about it most of it happens behind the scenes. The first time you use this it will require the following clicks:

  1. Click button to open popup.
  2. Authenticate on flickr.
  3. Choose which details to allow them to use from talkr.
  4. Write your comment and submit.

You may want to implement it as an MT plugin, but please make it a nice sensible API so that it can be added to other systems (the references to pop-up [ugh!] are for MT based blogs).

Adding authentication to Drupal would consist of simply adding the Flickr authentication scheme to the list of allowed external authentications. The next bit that I want, which is to add/integrate a link to your Flickr profile for each member, would be a bit trickier. This ties in directly with the Talkr proposal, because then the user page, where the "view recent blog entries" link is, could actually point to posts and comments all over the place.