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10 Random Songs

  • Created: February 22, 2004
  • Music

You are invited to list the first 10 songs in your music library when put on random:

  1. Guns in the Ghetto, by Randy's All Stars (Impact)

    An import disc that Kate bought at the Black Tomato in Ottawa.

  2. Hola' Hovito, by Jay-Z (The Blueprint)

    This song promptly eared a one-star rating, never to be seen in my play list again.

  3. Swimming in Your Ocean, by Crashtest Dummies (God Shuffled His Feet)

    I like Crashtest Dummies perhaps because the lead singer has a low bassy voice that I can emulate. I consistently would sing The Superman Song at top volume while on watch during my Class Afloat trip.

  4. Comfortably Numb, by Pink Floyd (The Wall)

    Why does this song (and this album) still seem so relevant?

  5. So Hysterically, by Charley Beck (Life's Pleasures?)

    Charley performed at a couple of events with the Picklecatz. Support independent musicians!

  6. I Miss You (Album Version), by Björk (Telegram)

    Icelandic pop, who woulda thunk it? We used to listen to this a lot in university.

  7. Tuning In (Dub Mix), by Groove Armada (Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub))

    Excellent funky electronic beats.

  8. The Jealous Kind, by Joe Cocker (Joe Cocker's Greatest Hits)

    Everybody needs classic rock.

  9. Mystic Eyes, by Them (Classic Rock - Rock Renaissance II)

    But how much classic rock is too much?

  10. Running Three, by Tykwer, Klimek, Heil (Soundtrack: Run Lola Run)

    Great movie, with catchy music that puts hooks in your ears. Maybe I'm just a sucker for German-accented English...

So, unlike the instructions, I did do a modification. A lot of the music that is in our library is arguably Kate's music (since most of the 750 CDs we have were hers to begin with). I have my own custom smart playlist, which filters out a bunch of genres (Classical, Country, etc.) and some artists (Ani DiFranco). As well, as per the comment above, anything that is rated below 3 stars is also filtered out. That still leaves 5,607 songs. I think of that as "my" music library.

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