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J2EE Consulting with Eversun Software

Well, it's Sunday night/Monday morning and I'm still at it. I had a long day today, but a very good meeting with Eversun Software. They do software development here in Vancouver, focusing equally on J2EE and .NET solutions. Now that's what I like to see -- a company with a lot of tools in it's toolbox!

It's been a while since I did hard core Java coding. There's lot's of cool stuff out there, like Eclipse for doing rapid development, and even stuff like Cocoon and Avalon have come a long way. Next thing you know I'll be installing blinds and ordering Jolt Cola by the case-lot. And popping Penguin Caffeinated Mints, natch.

(I don't know what "natch" means -- I threw it in because it seemed appropriate)

I was also IM'ing briefly with Michael Day just now and realized that I've never compiled all of my "Über-Google Tips and Tricks" anywhere. I've been giving away these tips "for free" for a while now, but it really comes down to implementation. So consider this a little placeholder that will remind me to write this stuff down. Kate would prefer that I get a "real job" :(

I'm working my way through an MS Word doc -- lengthy, lots of formatting and use of styles -- and I suddenly realized that I probably could have done it faster in a text editor using HTML and a CSS stylesheet!