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Zerendipity - Nick Tattersall VEF Meeting

Andrew and I met with Nick Tattersall, Managing Director of the Vancouver Enterprise Forum today. The Vancouver Enterprise Forum's mission is:

To advance technology entrepreneurship in British Columbia through publicly held forums focused on bringing together members of the technology enterprise community in the sharing and exchange of information with a view to educate and motivate.

We discussed a couple of different options for integrating Zerendipity into the structure of the VEF website. We were hoping to add the concept of memberships and logins to the VEF, including a link to the Zerendipity profile of each member.

One of the things I suggested was profiles for speakers and guests that are Zerendipity-powered. Just like you have a short bio/backgrounder that is "plain" HTML today, this could be replaced by a Zerendipity profile. This profile could also be used by the speaker to post documents (perhaps a soft copy of her presentation?), link to her website(s), and of course show public associations.

We are seeking to extend physical networking venues like the VEF with this government-sponsored virtual networking tool designed and developed in BC for BC.