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The Corporation

  • Created: January 14, 2004
  • Movie

Robert Paterson pointed out The Corporation, a documentary about the effect that corporations -- as an institution much like "the Church, the Monarchy, and the Communist Party, in other times and places" -- has had and is having on society today. Part of his review:

Normal documentaries don't have that kind of an effect on an audience. Normal documentaries don't give you enough to get truly fucked off at what is being done to us. The Corporation, to be sure, is far from a 'normal' documentary. This is the kind fo filmmaking that could, if seen on a large scale, change the society we live in.

The media relations page has show times for Toronto and Vancouver, and it will be playing at the ByTowne Cinema in Ottawa as well.

Update:Robert Paterson also added a link to a clip from the movie.