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Pluto Home

Pluto sells a Linux-based system that enables whole-home automation, with everything from telecommunications to security features.

It’s annoying that most of the information about the system is “hidden” in the Flash version of the site.

There are also little details on the specs of this system. I really wish that there was more standards work in this home gateway/server/automation area. Well, I guess it actually needs more publicity – OSGi still looks to be moving along, and is even being used as an automotive platform as well.

But read on for a brief run-down on the Pluto system.

The system’s main server component is called the Core. It sits next to your wiring closet and includes PBX functionality, media storage, as well as all the standard server systems of web serving, email, etc.

The Media Director plugs into a TV and/or stereo and serves media from the Core. It also serves as a fully functional PC if you add a keyboard, using your TV as the monitor.

Lastly, the Orbiter modules are the control devices, coming in either tablet-like form or the “mobile orbiter”, which is like a cordless phone.

These types of solutions are fine for the well-to-do that are looking for systems to power their homes, but they simply aren’t suitable for mass deployment. Apparently, a typical whole-home system will run you around $15K! Standards that can be used by device manufacturers as well as service providers is what will truly drive adoption.