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Classification for email and images

The post at a n t e n n a made me think how I recently started dealing with email.

Search (across and within mail folders) is a major improvement, but it sure would be helpful to assign keywords to individual messages and then be able to filter by keyword or date or author etc (and the distinction between filter and sort is an important one).

An addendum points to ReMail, an IBM research project. Much of this stuff continues to seem a lot like Zoe. I just wish that I could install it on my server without difficulties.

I use IMAP, but actually moved away from keeping all my email online. Just too hard to back up, and too much of a calamity if I somehow can't get access. So, only my Inbox is perpetually online. But even it has grown too large. So, I now have a rule that moves everything older than 30 days into a local Archives folder.

Orange Cone talks about the proliferation of images, and also the images we find interesting.

I definitely agree that there's a value in technologies that forget for us, that filter for us, that make some things more important.

I continue to happily tip my hat to Guide to Ease for the pointers.