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CMSReview Feature Directory

  • Created: November 22, 2003
  • CMS


I wandered into weird corners of the web last night and came across the CMSReview Feature Directory. Apparently, it’s an example of using “faceted classification” to make a decision.

I found the link through Peter Van Dijck's blog -- this other story gives a good example of faceted classification.

Read on to see the choices I made to get those 5 choices listed.

As you can see from the screenshot, the decision is over what CMS to use. The choices I made were:

  1. Platform: runs on Linux
  2. Programming Language: PHP
  3. Database: MySQL
  4. License: GPL
  5. Type of CMS: General

(in case you can't read the apps, they are Ariadne, Bitflux, Drupal, eZ Publish, and Tiki)

I have installed all of the apps listed except for Bitflux. And I'll probably go back and do test installs of all them to remember what they're like. I used the same process (essentially) to pick Drupal for use here, only I did it unconsciously: installing and working with numerous CMS. I instinctively knew what my requirements were