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Walk along the canal

  • Created: October 05, 2003
  • Ottawa


This is how I got woken up this morning. Karma was sleeping on my shoulder (which didn’t wake me up) so Kate went and got the camera and took a picture…with the flash on. That did wake me up. Seeing as how I was up anyway, Kate kicked me out of bed (well, I got up to go to the bathroom, but by the time I got back, the bed was made, so that was pretty much it for sleeping). Then we went for a walk along the canal.


This dog was looking out an apartment window on the corner of Gladstone and Elgin. He looked a bit tired, just like me. It was a bit chilly, but I was bundled up in a big hoodie plus a baseball cap (it’s a bit weird that there isn’t another name for that; I mean, I’ve never played baseball, and it’s not a sports team hat; sports cap sounds kind of weird).

Anyway, we walked along the canal and made it all the way down to Lansdowne Park, where we headed back to backstreet and stopped in to Kettleman's Bagels for some breakfast bagels (egg, cheese, and bacon). A quick walk up Bank through the Glebe and we're home again. This afternoon we're going to go look at some art, plus go shopping for Troy and Tanya's wedding gift with Anna.

Fall colours along the canal

Closeup of rosehips