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So the current meme in blogland is "RSS-Data". Basically, cramming a bunch of other stuff into RSS feeds so that it can be usefully used/consumed/displayed on the receiving end: everything from weather information to event/calendar information.

Sounds like a good idea. Except, as I watched all these ideas roll past, that it didn't sound like such a great idea. And then I found that LaughingMeme pretty much agrees:

Jeremey Allaire has proposed RSS-Data, an attempt to wedge XML-RPC serialization into RSS, an idea which is so phenomenally bad, and wrong headed, I'm momentarily speechless. (At least of anything I would say in public)

The joy, however, of being behind the curve is someone else has already said it for you.

Go read the full article for pointers to lots of other people that aren't that thrilled by RSS-Data. It can be basically summarized by saying "We've already got this, it's called RDF, and it works".