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OEOne becomes Axentra, announces Axentra Rumba Server for server appliance space

Greg tipped me off to the OSNews article:

The device has a mini ITX mobo, VIA C3 800 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB hdd, USB 1.1, 2 LAN ports and in 1 WAN port (extra Wi-Fi USB device required). The device is useful as an Internet Gateway (DNS, IP filtering, Port forwarding, NAT firewall) and as a network service (web server, file server, WebDAV, IMAP/SMTP, Samba, Content/Spam Filtering, photo album). All its administration is done by web pages directly from your computer.

Apparently, $500US retail price. Looks like a good option for those that can't install their own home Linux distribution.

Axentra used to be OEOne. They're based just over the bridge in Gatineau. I think I was the first or second person (literally) to buy their HomeBase Suite product. They tried a bunch of other things, including a desktop that installed on top of other Linux distributions, and HomeBase Anywhere, which essentially gave you access to a lot of the same features, only in a hosted environment.

The really innovative feature that they focused on was writing a lot of applications with XUL -- Mozilla's XML-based user interface language, allowing for applications that "run" inside of Mozilla.

I guess they gave up on what was essentially the consumer space. Their current product doesn't look targeted at businesses, but that appears to be where they're heading. Well, maybe combined with the all-in-one home server market. Although, since it doesn't have PVR functionality, I don't expect it to be a huge winner there.