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Windows Media Center Edition 2004 - New Version

The new release is out, as mentioned on PVRBlog. He’s particularly excited by the “TiVo for Radio” function, which allows for recording/pausing/rewinding of live FM radio (as mentioned in the comments there, there is also Griffin Technology’s RadioShark and Replay Radio).

Hmm. It still sucks that it can only be gotten directly bundled with a new PC. I can understand why, but I think that Microsoft would actually sell a lot of copies. As per Trevor’s “How to get rich” post, I think it would open up a lot of revenue for VARs: basically small computer shops or individuals that specialize in setting up media PCs. And this is how MS could sell it: no end-user purchases, only through these VARs. Those who had the know-how could still get it “directly” by going to their local OEM Express type store, which is basically a DIY parts shop.