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Extremetech: Building a Wireless Home Media Network Server

The PVRBlog pointed to Extremetech’s article:

They picked SnapStream as their PVR software after reaching many of the same conclusions I did. In the end, the systems come to around $1400, but if you are using parts from old computers, it's possible to cut that down quite a bit.
Ouch..the pricing is a bit high, but they really do throw everything in. Check the parts list. Mine would be a little different (mainly dropping stuff you don't need, like monitor, keyboard, etc. etc. -- that's what VNC or Remote Desktop are for; this is a server, after all):
  • Case/Motherboard: Shuttle $320
  • Processor: Intel P4 2.8Ghz $175
  • Graphics: ATI All-in-Wonder R9000 $130
  • Memory: 512MB $90
  • Hard Drive: 120GB $100
  • Sound Card: Audigy $55
  • Optical: DVD-CD/RW $40
  • PVR Software: Snapstream $80
Total: $990USD

You could go even cheaper by using a less expensive case and processor combo – like a $50 case, $100 motherboard, and $100 processor…bringing the price down to $745USD. Oh, right – this also doesn’t include the cost of Windows. OEM price on WinXP is around $150 or more. Ouch.