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PVR Blog: SnapStream Personal Video Station 3.0 review

PVR Blog reviews the SnapStream Personal Video Station. I looked at this program a while back. I still don’t have a spare PC to install it on to (well, plus I don’t have cable, so it would be a little useless…). SnapStream is essentially a software-only TiVo replacement. You can buy it just as the software package, or bundled with a TV Tuner card that is guaranteed to work with the software.

As noted in the article, I’m up in the air about whether I would go the Linux route and attempt MythTV, or just get this simple, “just works” package on a generic Windows PC. The only downside seems to be some issues with browser control/streaming from non-Microsoft platforms:

If my reviews carried ratings, SnapStream’s software would get nearly a 100% score for the low cost, loads of features, and easy video sharing, with the non-PC platform sharing being my only criticism.
You would have to do more work to secure the Windows platform if you also wanted to use it as a server platform, plus some server-type software (e.g. Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc.) tends to be a bit trickier to setup. All in all, probably worth a shot, especially if you have a supported TV Tuner card.