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9 Mac Browser Shootout

I didn’t know there were precisely 9 browsers available for the Mac, but I did know there were probably 7 or more. Ars Technica does a 9 Mac Browser Shootout comparing all nine in speed, rendering quality, features, and how well they fit as Mac browsers, or horrible indy ports (like Mozilla, Firebird ;). Naturally, Safari ranks high, but there is still plenty of room between version 1.0 and 2.0, with speed tweaks, revised features, increasing standards compliance, and the opening up of its WebCore code to the FSF-compliant APSL 2.0 license.

On the topic of FSF-compliant but not GPL-compliance, the FSF has given Apple the FSF seal of approval, but still insists that APSL 2.0 is not GPL compatible, and insists a company should not be judged by part of its software portfolio, but all. Do you agree? Disagee? Why?

I wonder if Apple is actually moving to full GPL certification, and will open up OSX. How about tossing out Darwin in favour of the Linux kernel, good idea?