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Image Module Installed -- Test yours now!

[image:469,left,5]I’ve installed the Drupal image module. It enables personal galleries (here’s mine). There is an option when adding an image asking whether or not to restrict it to your personal gallery. If enabled, the iamge is only visible there. As well, uploaded images can be used in posts using a special syntax.

For example, a thumbnail of this picture can be inserted directly into this blog post by entering something like [ image : node_id ] (where node_id is the id of the image node).

The complete list of options are this: [ image : node_id,(left|right|top|middle|bottom|absmiddle|texttop|baseline),hspace,vspace,border ]

Everything is optional except for node_id.

To upload your own image(s), hit the create link and select image. There are only two categories defined right now – Misc and People. People is where I just uploaded all my “profile” pics – pictures that I have in my address book for people. If you don’t want your picture there, let me know, and I’ll delete it.