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Canadian VoIP

  • Created: August 21, 2003
  • VoIP

This post will also be known as “I can get VoIP if I want to”.

The list of comments on the Apple Rumours article pretty much veered completely to VoIP stuff, and the legal ramifications and regulatory pain-in-the-butts, especially here in Canada – e.g. there is no residential VoIP service available in Canada.

It still seems absolutely crazy to me that I can cancel my phone service – but then I am “not allowed” to get a VoIP line? What if I just use some PC-to-phone software?

Dave made this comment:

Legal loopholes can be big problems… unless you don’t mind the fact that terrorists could plug in their VoIP phones anywhere without the cops being able to trace them… (oh… unless you can figure out some way to filter out some ethernet MAC address in the middle of the web… )
Umm, Dave, what makes you think terrorists aren’t already doing this!? My example of using PC-to-phone software would accomplish just that! Add public wireless access and a laptop, and calls can be made from anywhere.

I think I might just trial the iConnectHere service, although without the gateway. I guess that means running something “compatible” on my computer, but there isn’t anything listed on the site (that I can see) that mentions what the soft client is. Gaurav, do you know what they use? And is it PC-only?

Aside: I was looking for Mac SIP software and didn’t find any, just Xmeeting (H.323) and Ventrilo (proprietary? the Mac port is “in progress”). tkPhone looks promising, but Win/OSX is also “coming soon”.