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Soundfeeder Wireless Audio Adapter

Sound Feeder Wireless Audio Adapter - Model SF120 I bought this a little while back, made by Arkon Resources. It’s not very good (analog tuning, not even an LED to show you whether it’s on or off), but it was very cheap.

I wanted it so that we could play our MP3s in the living room, for which it works fairly well. Also, I wanted Rob to hack it and up the power so I could run my own pirate radio. Another downside is that there is no audio pass-through. Since it plugs into the headphone jack of my Mac, it mutes the local audio.

I also took it to our ultimate game the other day, combined with a portable CD player and Kate’s wind-up radio (it’s an earlier model which isn’t made anymore). The wind-up radio also has only analog tuning, so it’s hard to get it right. And since I was using the very low end of the band – 88MHz – Dave pointed out to me on the digital tuner in his car, that apparently they “skip over” 88Mhz.

I’m still looking for a “good” version of this, ideally with:

  • Digital frequency selection
  • Audio pass-through (although this could be accomplished with a male-to-2-female y-connector)
  • Longer range
  • Less distortion (it only sounds clear when I set the radio to mono FM)