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Steve Gillmor: Another Fine Mesh

The entire post from Steve Gillmor:

Bill Gates finally takes this public, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal's D conference and leaked blogging. "Microsoft is also betting on mesh networks -- Gates believes that by spreading WiFi backhall among large numbers of clients, WiFi will facilitate broadband for everyone that may serve to replace cellular networks under many circumstances. Gates predicts mesh networks will be mainstream in the next 5 years and he's presumably already looking to build software to address the problems associated with the multiplicity of base stations."

Now we'll wait for the other part of this shoe to drop.
The bolded section is my emphasis. OK, so MS plans to build wireless/mesh networking into every product. This suggests a couple of things.
  1. MS is going to go up against service providers and/or vendors like NT, Cisco, etc.
  2. Two -- you think the recent Blaster worm was bad?!?
I don't even want to imagine how bad it could be if all Windows machines were automatically part of a mesh, through which a worm could spread unchecked...