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Spaces is Clever Cactus

I talked quite some time ago about Spaces. A blog entry over at Sam Ruby bumped me on over to another entry. I was reading it, and it was interesting, but I was getting a strange deja-vu feeling.

So, Spaces has become Clever Cactus, and is now at beta2. Which, in turn, is still kind of like Zoe. Which I ran again for a while the other day, but too many rough edges. Or rather, the non-permanence of running something that is a server on what is a client machine.

I’ve downloaded Clever Cactus and will be giving it a whirl.

From the front page:
We live in a connected, mobile world where we want to share information easily with people and groups who cross many boundaries and domains: colleagues, family and friends. We use many devices (work and home PCs, laptops, PDAs and cell phones) and applications (email, IM, and weblogs) to achieve this.

clevercactus connects people and information directly across multiple devices and environments. It runs on all major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, OS/2, and others.
It's Java, and the UI is, um "not complete for the Macintosh version".