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A great long rant against FOAF on Tribe made me put my 2¢ in:

Of course, let's spin it around and say, well, FOAF is/can be/should be a profile API. I actually hate the RDF format of FOAF, and have been playing around with a more human-readable, more web-friendly format. So perhaps FOAF is just a data storage/interchange format?
This "profile API" has the concept of relationships, resources, information, etc. etc. -- certain information is requested, and some other permission system/context determines what information is returned. So, we don't care about the underlying storage format.
A parting jab at FOAF: why are there different elements for every single IM system?! What's wrong with this: [im system = "msn"][email protected][/im]
Yes, I'm playing with a format. It's plain-jane XML that mirrors a lot of existing HTML syntax. I think I'll call it... Profile Reveals Origins, Friends, Interests, Likes/Dislikes, Etc.