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Wandering back to Victoria

So Graham signed up for Tribes and created a UVic tribe. I thought about it, but I already started the Ottawa one, and didn’t want to be “responsible” for another one. There are actually quite a few people that went to UVic online there. I never felt a strong affiliation for the school itself.

But, I wandered over to UVic see if anyone there is doing something with blogging. I did this search (UVic uses Google – good on them!) and got a bunch of hits.

For one, the Computer Human Interaction and Software Engineering Lab (CHISEL) is running Drupal. Likely because of the taxonomy module, which maps nicely with ontologies and other high-falutin’ words that get tossed around.

CHISEL has also built some cool tools, like SHRIMP – for “visualizing and exploring software architecture and any other information space”.

All that stuff just got me thinking about getting a Master’s in CS. They even have co-op…

Kate would love that. Actually, Kate would love it if I was a perfessor.

I didn’t do enough searching to see if anyone is doing stuff with the use of blogs and education. Collaborative course-ware, discussion forums, RSS feeds, etc. If only we had more time in the day. And on that note, to bed.