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Install completed

Yes, logins are still broken, but the look and feel is pretty much stable. OK. The layout is pretty much done. Let me know what you think. I think I'll keep the nav on the left for now.

I'm not quite finished hacking, but when I am, I'll clone this theme, switch the nav to the right, and make it available as a separate theme for you to choose as your default.

More good and bad news in the full read...As mentioned in my previous comment, the login/user functions are being redirected by my host.

So, I've put in a temporary user login form while I try and figure out the correct htaccess/mod_rewrite voodoo -- which might not even work. Other than that, I'm going to dig around the Drupal site and see if anyone has any bright ideas. :sad:

In happier :smile: news, recipes are here! This and your personal blog are the two areas that authenticated users can create and will be published immediately. By default, these are not promoted to the front page -- myself as benevolent dictator :evil: can do this.

On the backend, lots of little changes. For instance, caching is now enabled for anonymous users. If you're not logged in, you may have to refresh a couple of times to see all the newest stuff. On all "read more" -- i.e. full versions of articles, etc. -- I've added some Google AdSense code. Looks like I've been targetted as "blogging related". Google will likely spend some time crawling my new clean URLs. Be interesting to see if some different pages get different ads. Also, I emailed MacOSXHints to update a listing about anonymous FTP and to add my name to the description -- it was done and fixed in something like 5 minutes, including an email response to me. Wow!

Oh, yes. If you had subscribed via RSS, the feed URL has changed to The various blog ones have changed as well (note to self -- go fix your user blog feed).