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Bankrupt EMI

Evan explains how to stick it to EMI’s copy-control antics:

Replacements Or How to Get a REAL Radiohead CD I recently complained to EMI music and got a replacement CD (Radiohead's Hail To The Thief) mailed to me. I would transpose the letter they included in that package but the gist of it is that EMI is going to releasing all their new albums in Copy Controlled format (ie. sounds sucks when played through a computer) which is not a CD; its a CCD. Look for the triangle and say good bye to fair use!

I think everyone should follow this model and force EMI to replace every single copy of this album.

I’m in. Haven’t bought a lot of CDs recently, but I should probably make a point of doing it with this Radiohead one.

You might also want to check out Kelp Records, mainly because I just spent a weekend with TRE (“The Rolf Experience”) and will be listening/buying much of that music…