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Home Feedback

I’m still playing with So far, definitely the most fun. And I actually see it being useful, because it adds so much, but in a structured way. But a structured way that is very loose at the same time.

I sent in one piece of feedback, and I’ve just finished typing up another. This is via email, but since this is a commercial company, I’m also going to post the feedback here.

Feedback #1: Reject button should lead to message form

Current functionality: When pressing reject on a “friend request”, the person is immediately rejected!

Desired functionality: Pressing reject should lead to an (optional) screen that allows for feedback to be sent to the person along with the rejection notice (use send message procedure, but mark as “rejection feedback”)

Also, perhaps it should be called “decline” instead of “reject”? The term “reject” and “friends” seems rather harsh…

Feedback #2: Notification for discussion board replies + photo captions

Absolutely need to have notification of replies to a discussion – if I don’t remember to go back and visit every single Tribe where I posted to a discussion forum, I’ll never know that someone responded to me…

Two ways of accomplishing this, potentially make both optional:

  • have a checkmark when you post that says "Notify me by email when someone responds"
  • have an option to automatically display discussions that you are a part of on your home page
Actually, with the second option, it might be better to just expand it to a bookmark/subscribe to this discussion feature. Even if I "lurk" and don't participate, I might still want to follow the discussion. You could then add notification options that are configurable on a per-discussion/Tribe basis -- notify by email, display on home page, display last X posts, etc.
Hmmm...I just uploaded a second picture to the "Ottawa" tribe. Some suggested changes/fixes:
  • need to be able to edit the caption afterwards
  • if there is no "next" picture, don't just remove the link from the next text, don't show next at all
  • each picture should have a discussion/comments attached to it
  • when looking at photos, there is no obvious way to get back to the TribeCard (I know that "back" in the upper right is linked, but there are three "back" on that page, each of which link to different places!)
  • feature: wouldn't it be cool if you could set the main photo to "random"?
Continuing the thought on notification, the photos should be treated like another discussion forum -- you could get notified of new pictures and/or new comments on a picture (a picture is a new topic, comments are replies/posts).