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Wired News: Tired of the Telly? Reprogram It

Over at Wired News is this story about what some are calling an “open-source PVR”:

A Colorado startup, Interact-TV, has released a hacker-friendly digital entertainment center that plays, records and archives TV shows, DVDs, music and even digital photo albums.

The Telly MC1000 Digital Entertainment Center, available now from the company’s website for $900, can also surf the Web and act as a home media server.

via Boing Boing

Looks like a great, Linux-based device. Looking at all the different options for video capture, photo storage, etc. etc. I was already getting a headache at the thought of putting one of these things together and supporting it long term. I don’t mind paying a reasonable price and having access to a community which is working on advancing the platform.