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Now with Jabber

I’ve got my home server all tricked-out with various things now.

It used to only have a 2GB hard drive, which I knew I was going to migrate at some point, so I just stopped fiddling with it. As it was, it stayed up for 200 days straight, and the beginning of that 200 was a power outage. So, it was up for probably about a year or so.

It is, of course, running E-Smith. Now the latest version, 5.6. Or it was, until the 6.0beta which literally just got released…think I’ll pass on that in favour of stability for now.

So, odin (as the system is affectionately known – my Windows PC is loki) now has an 80GB hard drive just waiting to get filled with stuff. It will continue to house my gallery, but I’m starting to add other things.

A prime example being a jabber server – If you would like an account on the system, jabber or otherwise, give me a shout. I now have the space available to offer system accounts to any that want them. The only caveat is that the system is on a plain old DSL line, so bandwidth is limited.